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Restorations by Charles Strickler
Author Charles Strickler

Part of the fun of creating each story is the challenge of incorporating accurate historical elements, as well as fun facts that add an element of authenticity to each of these tales of adventure and mystery.

Restorations is the first book in a series. Although each of these are stories are works of fiction I hope you will find them to be entertaining, yet also informative. 

While Restorations is an adrenaline-fueled adventure, with suspense and intrigue, it is also a story about overcoming adversity. For spice you have classic cars, gold, diamonds and a coded journal. 

I have always enjoyed mystery books, whether a classic whodunit, or a suspenseful thriller where you have to figure out how the main character overcomes the odds to stay alive. The mystery genre is filled with many nuances, from bloodless cozy mysteries to gritty, bleak and unforgiving noir. Some mysteries are solved by professionals with legal or medical pedigrees, while others are solved by amateur sleuths with dogged determination.  They all have that common thread, a puzzle in need of solution. The possibilities are endless, which makes fertile ground for an author with a vivid imagination.

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“Warning, make sure your schedule is clear before you pick up this book . . .”

– John J. Jessop, author PLEASURIA: Take As Directed

About the Book

When Miles West acquires a vintage Stutz roadster, he discovers it has a secret payload that a mafia family wants to acquire, at any cost. Who would suspect the discovery of an antique car hidden in an old barn for almost ninety years could be the catalyst for skullduggery and mayhem?

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Restorations is a grand combination of mystery, adventure, and intrigue in the same vein as National Treasure.”

–Nelson Gomm, author of Overhead Assets

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